Go Cloud-Native

We help organizations adopt Cloud technologies and build better Cloud-native applications. We demystify the vast collection of buzzwords and FUD around Cloud technologies and work with our clients to move their systems and processes to the Cloud in a realistic and sustainable way.

Our team combines top engineering talent, highly disciplined software development methods, deep solution delivery expertise, and leadership experience to build Cloud-native solutions for our clients and to help them to skill up their teams to continue doing it for themselves.

Have you been getting lots of advice and opinions on Cloud and still feel unsure where to start? Are you stalled in your Cloud journey? Do you have a Cloud migration project that you can’t operationalize reliably? Or do you just need some engineering horsepower to help your amazing team realize their Cloud vision? We can help!

Services we offer

Cloud-Native Solutions

We provide a full service project delivery capability to our clients which includes:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Platform Engineering
  • Mentoring and Coaching
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Cloud Strategy

Moving to Cloud is not about technology, but about behaviours and practices. Anyone can get a solution running in the Cloud on day 1, but can they keep it running reliably on day 100?

We help our clients analyze their organization from their tech stack, to their skills inventory, to their SDLC and operational processes to help them figure out what part of the organization must be enhanced and invested in to operate their business in the Cloud sustainably.

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