We Solve Problems… Period.

It’s as simple as that.  The raison d’être of Foci Solutions is to analyze challenging IT-related problems and develop high-impact solutions.  We are at our finest when we are called in to help our clients handle situations that are blocking their high priority initiatives.  We believe that small and focused engagements, when delivered properly, can drive massive value.

Trying to kick-start a stalled transformation program? Need to conduct a complex technology options analysis to find your next-generation IT platform? Having challenges with Stakeholder confidence due to a fragile technology solution? We can help solve those problems!

Services we offer

Strategic Diagnostics

The solution to every problem begins with a thorough diagnosis. We bring a broad range of experiences to our engagements. Our projects have run the gamut, ranging from designing and implementing small and nimble solutions using open-source tools for rapid development to extreme scale IT transformation management with enterprise-level commercial COTS. This diverse background allows […]

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Solution Delivery

We have a broad range of skills and capabilities to help you with your IT implementation challenges. Spanning from large program management, to solution architecture and software development, we pride ourselves on bringing the strengths of our team to deliver outcomes rather than simply providing bodies for individual tasks. What kinds of projects do we […]

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Latest Articles

Why .NET loves Linux

This is an update to the post I made a while ago titled “Why .Net Doesn’t need to be Expensive“.  A lot has changed since I made that post.  For example: Visual Studio Code wasn’t released, .NET Core was called vNext, and .NET hadn’t gone through it’s open-source transformation.  These introductions to the .NET ecosystem […]

Using JavaScript and JSON as a Common Language in Orbital Bus

Large enterprises usually have many programming languages across their departments. These departments, often located in different cities, will build teams out of what they see as the best-available local resources. It’s fairly common to find large-scale enterprise or government groups that have applications written in .NET and Java, never mind the plethora of other languages […]

Dynamic Plugin Loading Using MEF

The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a library that enables software to discover and load libraries at runtime without hard-coded references. Microsoft included MEF in .NET framework version 4.0 and since then it has been commonly used for dependency resolution and inversion of control patterns. Orbital Bus makes communication possible between different parties by sharing […]

Open Positions

  • Junior Software Developer

    Foci Solutions is seeking entry level developers to build their careers with us. We are looking for someone who is driven to succeed, loves software development and will grow quickly in the role.  The successful candidate will take full advantage of learning opportunities and be comfortable and confident engaging with both business-oriented clients and technical […]