Solution Delivery

We have a broad range of skills and capabilities to help you with your IT implementation challenges. Spanning from large program management, to solution architecture and software development, we pride ourselves on bringing the strengths of our team to deliver outcomes rather than simply providing bodies for individual tasks.

What kinds of projects do we do?

We are passionate about working on projects with direct and quantifiable business impact.   Here are some types of engagements that excite us:

Program Planning and Management – Our Executive Team has several decades of combined experience delivering IT projects and programs across every market sector, ranging from small (<$1M) to grand (>$100M).  We understand the complexity involved in IT programs at every level and help our clients plan out their programs by anticipating risks and prioritizing the decisions that have the highest down-stream impact. These risks and decisions include technology selection, resourcing strategy, program governance, scope management strategy, stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and success criteria.  With proper planning in place we can then bring in the right combination of skills to help our clients manage these programs to value realization.

IT Governance Design and Implementation – Effective Governance should enable an organization to continuously evolve and improve the business relevancy, its efficiency, and the effectiveness of its technology investments. We work with our clients to develop Technology Governance programs that enable strategic decision making over procedural purity. We design organizational structures that focus on coordination, collaboration, and enablement rather than management, review, and audit. Processes are embedded throughout an initiative’s lifecycle in order to drive constant evaluation against stated objectives. Assets are centered around projects and evolved based on lessons learned in the field. We create tools and processes that teams want to use to improve their delivery.

Solution Architecture and Design – One of the most common causes of poor IT implementation is jumping too quickly from requirement to build, without fully understanding the problems the team is facing.  Proper Solution Architecture analyzes a project’s problem scope beyond its immediate requirements. It looks at how the proposed solution will fit into an organization’s business and technology ecosystem, the impacts it will have on other systems and processes, and its alignment with the organization’s overall IT and business strategy.  Our team members bring extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated technology solutions across a variety of business verticals to help our clients broaden their own level of analysis and to anticipate challenges that are otherwise missed by developers or pure technologists.

System Implementation and Integration – Successful IT systems implementation goes beyond software development.  Our team of developers have expertise in platforms and infrastructure, integration architecture, business analysis, and testing to ensure that our implementations support client business objectives, are robust and well tested, and are properly integrated into the client’s IT ecosystem.

How do we do it?

Our approach to IT solution delivery is driven by two main principles:

Team Based Solutions – Whether the project is small or large, we always engage with our clients and work as a team. Each engagement is led by a Delivery Executive who will work with you to ensure that the project remains connected to and aligned with your objectives and parameters.  By engaging with us, you get the benefit of having an experienced team who knows each other’s working methods and who avoid the delays and issues typically associated with ramping up independent consultants (e.g., communications, methodology, personality).

Iterative Approach – We are not devoted to Agile, Waterfall, or any other particular delivery methodology.  We are, however, strong believers in breaking a problem down into bite sized chunks, each of which can be delivered in a reasonable timeframe with demonstrable value.  We will work with your teams and stakeholders to break projects into iterations grouped by functional and technical objectives so value can be demonstrated and validated regularly.

What will it take?

The large majority of our projects are carried out on a time and material basis, driven out by the skills required, complexity, scope, and duration.  Engagements can run anywhere between 3 to 12 months.  Contact us today to get an idea of what your project needs!