Strategic Diagnostics

The solution to every problem begins with a thorough diagnosis. We bring a broad range of experiences to our engagements. Our projects have run the gamut, ranging from designing and implementing small and nimble solutions using open-source tools for rapid development to extreme scale IT transformation management with enterprise-level commercial COTS. This diverse background allows us to analyze our clients’ problems from a variety of perspectives and ensure that the chosen solution is the best solution.

What kinds of diagnostics do we do?

We are experts at analyzing the problems that are holding you back from making important IT decisions. Whether the problem is contained within a system, a project, or across the organization, regardless of the specific technologies involved we can help.  Trying to kick-start a stalled transformation program? Need to conduct a complex technology options analysis to find what your next generation IT platform should be? Having challenges with Stakeholder confidence due to a fragile technology solution? We can help!

How do we do it?

We follow a simple 4-step process in our diagnostics:

Discover – We start with an initial Discovery meeting between one of our Executive Team members and your Executive Sponsor to understand your problem, its drivers, its impact, and stakeholders involved.

Plan – Once the scope of the problem and the stakeholders are identified, we work with you and your management team to schedule a number of interviews and workshops with those stakeholders to look at the problem.  We typically organize sessions into People, Process, and Technology streams to ensure we look at the problem from all perspectives.  We also define the inventory of deliverables and the scope of content for each deliverable.

Assess – Going beyond the key stakeholders, we carry out interviews and workshops with your teams and subject matter experts to draw out all the background information regarding the central problem.  Our experience has shown that what is initially articulated is only the surface of the true problem.  Our methodology is to challenge assumptions, identifying related and hidden problems and get to the root cause issues.

Recommend – Recommendations must fit within the context of your organization to be useful.  We work with your stakeholders to ensure our recommendations map to your strategic objectives, are actionable, and have measurable outcomes.  We produce comprehensive reports of our analysis, recommended actions and plans, and estimates for those actions where appropriate.  We then support you through the process of presenting these findings within your organization to get stakeholder and executive buy-in to move forward towards an effective solution.

What will it take?

The effort and duration of the diagnostic work is dependent on the scope and size of the problem, as well as the complexity of your organization.  Typical diagnostic engagements are done on a fixed-price basis ranging from 15-30 person days, with a duration of 2-4 months based on the availability and schedules of stakeholders.