Our Team

We believe the key to solving complex problems and building robust solutions is leveraging a diversity of experiences and perspectives.  We harness the varied skills and backgrounds of our team members from IT consulting, product R&D, innovation incubators, and international development organizations, to ensure we approach problems with open minds and a critical eye.  Come meet the amazing people who work at Foci.

Foci Management Team

Tina Traini
Tina Traini President and Chief Operating Officer
Tina joined Foci Solutions as a Partner in 2016 and is a co-founder of The HumanIT Project. Tina adds a unique perspective developed through her work with a top-five global consulting firm and, most recently in support of an international development agency’s technology innovation delivery. ...
Mike Kelland
Mike Kelland Board Member
Mike was the founder and CEO of BoldRadius Solutions, the company which incubated Foci up until its spin-out in 2015.
Kevin Steele
Kevin Steele Delivery Executive and Chief People Officer
Kevin joined Foci’s management team in early 2017. He brings with him over a decade of experience leading teams and delivering projects in technology consulting, public service, and manufacturing industries. ...
Shan Gu
Shan Gu Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Shan is the founder of Foci Solutions. He started and grew a number of IT start-ups early in his career during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, before joining one of the top global consulting firms, where he spent the majority of his career working on large technology delivery projects. ...
Dan McCrady
Dan McCrady Delivery Executive and Chief Technology Officer
Dan has been with Foci since its inception, and joined Foci's management team in early 2018. Dan is intensely inquisitive, seeking to understand everything he possibly can about not just technology, but about every topic he comes across. ...
Stephen Dugas
Stephen Dugas Delivery Executive and Chief Financial Officer
Stephen joined Foci's management team in 2018. Stephen discovered a passion for understanding how IT can be leveraged to deliver business value during his university years. This led him to participate in regional and global case competitions in pursuit of solving complex business problems. ...

Foci Team

Alex Yorke
Alex Yorke Developer
Alex has recently graduated from Dalhousie in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has experience optimizing workflows independently and has decreased the administrative workload while increasing accuracy. He started programming at age 10, when he accidentally opened up the source code for a program on his...
Hannah Sun
Hannah Sun Developer
Hannah’s fascination for technology was cemented in high school when she won a prestigious award for web development. This sparked her imagination into the possibilities of a career in software development and led her to complete a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Calgary.
Joe Pound
Joe Pound Developer
Like many developers growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, Joe was inspired by his family’s Commodore 64 to one day create software. With degrees in Software Development, Humanities, and Literature, Joe brings a unique perspective and a critical mind to solving problems.
Jonathan Cockrem
Jonathan Cockrem Developer
Jonathan grew up surrounded by technology. Naturally, he took an interest in both hardware and writing code. Starting with building company websites, he quickly became fascinated with more modern languages and applications. These interests propelled him into roles with Algonquin College’s Applied...
Jonathan Routliffe
Jonathan Routliffe Technical Architect
Over his 25 plus years working in IT, Jon has worked with a large number of platforms and architectures, from mainframe and COBOL to J2EE and Oracle Fusion Middleware. He also brings with him a wealth of experience in a number of technology roles, ranging from software development, to system...
Maria Reyes Freaner
Maria Reyes Freaner Developer
Maria discovered her passion for software during the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition in high school, where she was a part of the very first team to represent her hometown of Sonora, Mexico. Maria spent several years working in the telecommunications sector before joining Foci. She started out in...
Steve ten Den
Steve ten Den Delivery Executive
Steve has always been around technology and software. He wrote his first line of code at 9 years old. At 15, he had written a desktop app to automate his summer job in a mail room that resulted in him being flown around the country to deploy it. He still maintains the same love of technology....
Tyler Mizuyabu
Tyler Mizuyabu Developer
Tyler always had a keen interest in technology. He first started learning to code the summer before grade 10 using a book on Java he borrowed from his mother. He went on to Queen's University where he graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Computing. ...