Solution Architecture Consulting

Solution Architecture provides the bridge between an organization’s Enterprise Architecture program and its projects. Proper Solution Architecture analyzes a project’s problem scope beyond its immediate requirements and looks at how the proposed solution will fit into an organization’s technology ecosystem, the impacts it will have on other systems and processes, and its alignment with the organization’s overall IT and business strategy.

How we can help

Foci Solutions has the breadth and depth of experience across markets (government, insurance and finance, utilities, logistics, research, NGO’s, and health), architecture domains (application, information/data, technology, and security) and technologies (too many to list) necessary to create effective Solution Architectures. Our team members bring extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated technology solutions across a wide variety of business verticals to help our client organizations broaden their level of analysis and to anticipate solution factors that are otherwise missed by developers or pure technologists. We look at the problem from functional, organization, technology, people and process perspectives to ensure that whatever solution is designed addresses the business’ needs, fits within the organization’s technology ecosystem, and the right people and processes in place to sustain it.