Specialized IT Solution Planning and Delivery

Foci Solutions drives successful technology implementations by working with our clients’ project teams in very specialized capacities. Our Solution Architecture services provide coordinated analysis and design between business clients, the Enterprise Architecture program, development and operational teams. Our integration development services provide the technical solutions required to “fill in the white spaces” between various technologies involved including taking a strategic vision and creating the plan to bring it to life.

Services we offer

Solution Architecture Consulting

Solution Architecture provides the bridge between an organization’s Enterprise Architecture program and its projects. Proper Solution Architecture analyzes a project’s problem scope beyond its immediate requirements and looks at how the proposed solution will fit into an organization’s technology ecosystem, the impacts it will have on other systems and processes, and its alignment with the organization’s […]

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Integration Development Consulting

We understand the challenges in getting the most out of our client’s heterogeneous technology ecosystems; in integrating different disparate technologies and in leveraging commercial integration platforms and industry interoperability standards to minimize the cost of future changes. How we can help Foci Solutions is a leader in developing integration solutions using a number of commercial and open […]

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