Enterprise Architecture & Governance

Foci Solutions’ approach to Enterprise Architecture and Governance programs is focused on adaptability and sustainability rather than strict adherence to an arbitrary framework or set of standards. Effective Enterprise Architecture should simplify technology decision making, improve consistency, and enhance the adaptability of an organization’s technology ecosystem. Effective Governance should enable an organization to continuously evolve and improve the business relevancy, efficiency, and effectiveness of its technology investments.

Poorly designed and implemented Enterprise Architecture and Governance programs can be seen as unnecessary overhead by project teams and, in the worst cases, cripple an organization’s ability to implement adaptable solutions quickly and with reduced risk. Governance programs often devolve into checklists and budget auditing activities rather than providing a platform to make strategic technology investment decisions. “Ivory tower” Architecture programs are common place among large enterprises and Government organizations where the focus is on developing paper assets that are not grounded in the organization’s current portfolio of projects and drive people to do their best to avoid the program altogether.

How we can help

We work with our clients to develop Enterprise Architecture and Governance programs that enable strategic decision making rather than enforce procedural purity. We design program organizational structures that focus on coordination, collaboration, and enablement rather than management, review, and audit. Processes are embedded throughout an initiative’s lifecycle which drive constant evaluation against the stated objectives. Assets are centered around the project and evolved based on lessons learned in the field. We create tools and processes that teams want to use to improve their delivery instead of seeing as overhead to avoid.