Foci Solutions is committed to selecting, designing and developing robust, adaptable, and sustainable technology ecosystems for our clients. We do so by offering a complete suite of services to architect, implement, and govern these ecosystems.

Services we offer

Enterprise Architecture & Governance

Foci Solutions’ approach to Enterprise Architecture and Governance programs is focused on adaptability and sustainability rather than strict adherence to an arbitrary framework or set of standards. Effective Enterprise Architecture should simplify technology decision making, improve consistency, and enhance the adaptability of an organization’s technology ecosystem. Effective Governance should enable an organization to continuously evolve and […]

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Specialized IT Solution Planning and Delivery

Foci Solutions drives successful technology implementations by working with our clients’ project teams in very specialized capacities. Our Solution Architecture services provide coordinated analysis and design between business clients, the Enterprise Architecture program, development and operational teams. Our integration development services provide the technical solutions required to “fill in the white spaces” between various technologies […]

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